The Loudest Roar

Tis the blessing,
nothing much incomprehensive,
but a mere soft linguistic flesh,
and yet so hard,
for it can bend the stiffests,
for it can break the strongests.
Your tongue,
giving you the bliss,
to permeate a culture in it,
leading you to explore
the inside of people,
enabling you to articulate
your entire self.

But that isn’t just about it, hon!
A little exploitation and it defies the purpose, the beauty,
of your tongue, of your ease, of others’ internal comfort.
A little exploitation and it breaks the strongest of bonds,
hurts, incapacitates, poisons,
a tiny spark to the forest fire,
it is,
A little exploitation that snatches Lihaz from Muhazzab Urdu,
Sohnay Rung from vibrant rich Punjabi.
Arabic, Bengali, and Persian,
are stripped off from their Thaman, Daam, and Tammadun.

When love is warned to perish,
look for a substitute,
to your exploitation of bliss,
Keep the love from fading,
Use “Silence”,
the best answer to a lot of questions,
the best reflection of patience,
the savior of love,
the loudest of roars.

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