Before It’s Too Late

Frustrated, incapacitated and in agony, rushing into everything. These beats skipped by my heart, Get me feeling flung.   They say after being hurt enough, It doesn’t hurt anymore. Contemplating how much pain is left to feel, scares me to my core.   Flooded with thoughts is this mind, yet I can’t articulate. This pressure... Continue Reading →

The Loudest Roar

Tis the blessing, nothing much incomprehensive, but a mere soft linguistic flesh, and yet so hard, for it can bend the stiffests, for it can break the strongests. Blessing, Your tongue, giving you the bliss, to permeate a culture in it, leading you to explore the inside of people, enabling you to articulate your entire... Continue Reading →

The Edge Of Horizon

A sudden grief, a melancholy, A scare rushing to the core of back bone, And a pensive shadow taking over mind.   A regret penetrating through the flesh, Paralyzing you to your worst, And that unconscious quake at the very tips Of those fingers.   What is it? Why is it?   That unconscious shake,... Continue Reading →

Fused Disintegration

  The last moment, I desire, Very dire, That you comprehend my aspirations, Grasp those very ideas, “mere ideas” as you named them But I’d still say, Feelings rather, only if you cared to realize Of genuine care, and unconditional devotedness, So unconditional, That I couldn’t even keep up with myself. You see, That smile,... Continue Reading →

An Abashed Apology

This is the time, I hold myself back, From exaggeration, Which used to be deliberate for glorification, And let the facts do their job. I am sorry, I took so much time, To comprehend and realize, That it was more than just nine months.   You had your complications, And dilemmas, You had a tough... Continue Reading →

I’d rather be alone

  Every individual in this modern world needs and demands respect and so do I. Where my personality, my estimable character is not respected, I’d rather be alone than to be in that society/school/place. The place where they talk so immature, they act so immature, I’d rather be alone. Where the people are fake, I’d... Continue Reading →

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